What will happen in the first visit?

You will need to fill in some paperwork so arriving 5-10minutes before your appointment is preferable. The osteopath will then take a medical history, so if you have any xrays,scans etc please bring them with you. Then the osteopath will do an examination and treatment. Wear loose clothing if possible,  as some of the treatment usually involves moving arms or legs,often exercise clothing is appropriate as it is stretchy.

The osteopath may give you some exercises/ stretches to do in between visits.

Sometimes you can feel tired, a little stiff or sore afterwards, this usually will only last 1-2 days at most, if you are unsure just give them a ring.

Does Scott Osteopathy Offer ACC?

Scott Osteopathy does not offer ACC, if you require an ACC consultation, I will be able to refer you to a clinic that does offer ACC.

How many treatments do I need?

This is very dependant on the individual.  I believe that there should be changes after the first visit, and usually most problems are resolving by between 3-6 visits. Once the problem resolved I recommend regular check ups. This is often the best way to maintain optimal wellbeing.

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